Radiologist of the Month – September 2021

Congratulations Thomas Grieser! You are our Radiologist of the Month! Take a minute to get to know Thomas and how he uses Collective Minds in his profession!

A short background on yourself and your passion for radiology?

Originally, I never ever wanted to become a radiologist instead of this, orthopedic surgery was the utmost aim I intended to pursue. After sustaining a road accident, I was compelled to change my professional career, thus switching over to radiology in 1996. I became a specialist in diagnostic radiology in 2003 and it was my fortune to be a “fellow” of Professor Bohndorf for many years, a widely known and well-recognized expert in MSK radiology who gave me a deeper insight into musculoskeletal imaging. Thus, I found my way back to orthopedics – but now from the imaging perspective of this subject. My special interests cover bone and soft tissue tumors including their biopsies, metabolic bone diseases including the spectrum of osteoporosis, and imaging diagnostic in polytrauma. Well, now I am a 58-year-old consultant in diagnostic radiology at the University hospital Augsburg, Germany.

How did you find out about Collective Minds?

When I recollect in the right way, it has been about two or three years ago when I was asked by Dr. Björn Jobke, a German radiologist who is very active in international teleradiology collaborations, to join Collective Minds radiology platform and community. I agreed.

What’s been your best experience?

One of my best experiences with CM Radiology consists in viewing and discussing such challenging cases how they may occur in daily practice incidentally. CM radiology has proven to be a stable-running communication platform and I have never experienced any disruption or technical failure, resp.

What would you like to see added to the service?

Personally, it would be helpful to have feedback on histology in the case of MSK tumors and to have the opportunity of getting information about operation procedures (if applicable) or additional / follow-up examinations, resp.

Do you believe Collective Minds will make a difference for patients?

Yes. Out of my experiences, I strongly believe that intercollegiate exchange of suggestions and opinions will make a difference for an individual patient – to a more or less extent. Although I am continuously committed in diagnostic radiology for 25 years, I persistently continue to need professional assistance and collaboration in such peculiar cases that emerge in everyday practice. For this, thank you all a lot!

Congratulations Thomas and thank you for your great contribution to the Collective Minds community!