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Collective Minds Radiology is revolutionizing medical imaging through a collaborative, cloud-based platform. By connecting healthcare professionals worldwide, we accelerate diagnostics, enhance patient care, and support clinical research and education. Our GDPR-compliant solutions ensure data privacy and security, trusted by leading healthcare institutions in over 30 countries.

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Trusted by Leading Healthcare Institutions in 30+ Countries

Transforming Medical Imaging through Collaboration

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When you can post such an unknown case and get a prompt answer from the community, it has a direct impact on your patient. For everyone in the community it is an occasion to learn. Every radiologist is improving on his/her skills.


Dr. Johan Dehem
MD, Jan Yperman Hospital

GDPR compliance by design

Leverage our GDPR compliant privacy-by-design technology to protect your patients privacy.

Your data is de-identified for your collaborators while being traceable for you. Working with us, we will support you and your hospital with the legal framework you require. We are also GAMP5 compliant and IEC/ISO27001 certified.

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