Teach radiology with professional tools in a secure, collaborative environment. Use our clinical-grade DICOM viewer and centralized platform to enhance learning with quizzes and global case studies. Access resources anytime, on any device. Welcome to the future of collaborative learning.

Education Classroom

Virtual, physical or hybrid meetings

Perform your seminars, academic training, congresses and masterclasses virtually with our easy-to-use solution. Delegates only need a laptop or tablet to participate and no matter how big your group is, 10 or 1000 we guarantee a great experience.

Classroom and tutorials

Structure case based teaching content and enrich it to its fullest potential all within a controlled access group. Enhance teaching by adding video case reviews, upload media files, add in presentations and build custom quizzes and polls. Invite colleagues to contribute also with teaching or help to administrate. Create and share case collections to upskill trainees in person, across your local network or across the world.
Classroom teaching

Special interest groups

A gated community of like minded users and cases which reside in a group. SIGs typically meet regularly with new cases discussed via an online meeting or monthly webinars. Many special interest groups exist on Collective Minds, including Head & neck imaging, paediatric neuroradiology,  Musculoskeletal radiology and reporting radiographers.  Further private fellowships in various specialities also are conducted this way.

Visualization tools for teaching

Enhance your teaching with instant access to powerful visualization tools. Transform your mouse pointer into a dynamic drawing pen, enabling you to effortlessly highlight and illustrate key points as you speak.

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Quiz and exam module

Quiz and exam module

Enhance your teaching by adding quizzes or examinations. By linking cases to customizable questionnaires you have built a self assessment with auto-correction or an examination where you as a teacher will review the results. 

The Global Community cases for your teaching

Unlock free access to over 4,000 published cases to enrich your private teaching collections and enhance learning experiences. Explore cases across all modalities and specialties, featuring both common and rare findings, AI integrations, and expert discussions. Easily combine these cases with your own materials for a comprehensive educational toolkit.

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How to share data for your course

Connect your hospital or local computer using CM Connect. This way you can share any dicom studies automatically. Before the data is transferred from your local environment they are de-identified and pseudonymized. This makes your preparation focused on what you would like to teach and not administration.

CME and other credits

Most courses hosted on Collective Minds are accredited for CME credits. Contact us to learn more. 

Data Protection & Security

Leverage our GDPR compliant privacy-by-design technology to protect your patients privacy. Your data is de-identified for your collaborators while being traceable for you. Partner with us for comprehensive legal support tailored to your hospital's needs.

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