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According to the Swedish Electronic Communications Act, all visitors of a website using cookies shall have access to information that the website uses cookies their purpose. The user shall also have the possibility to consent if the cookies should be stored on their device. This cookie policy describes how Collective Minds Radiology AB a limited liability company with company registration number Svärdvägen 5, 182 33 Danderyd, Sweden (“Collective Minds Radiology” “CMRAD” “we” or “us”) use cookies on our website (”Website”).

1. What is a Cookie

A cookie is a small piece of data sent from a webpage and stored in a user’s web browser, mobile phone, or other device while the user is browsing that webpage. A cookie can help the webpage provider to recognize your device the next time you visit that webpage, provide you with access to certain functions on the webpage and/or register your surf patterns. There are other technologies such as pixel tags, web bugs, web storage and other similar files and technologies that may carry the same functions as cookies. In this cookie policy, we use the term “cookies” for cookies and all such similar technologies.

2. Your Consent to the Use of Cookies

By clicking ”Accept” on the Website you have consented to our use of cookies, as specified below.

Alternatively, you may have consented to our use of cookies through your browser-settings for the browser used to access the Website.

You may at any time withdraw your consent to our use of cookies. Please see description in section 5 below on how to withdraw your consent.

3. Which Types of Cookies We Use

Our Website sets cookies that are stored on your device. These are called “first-party cookies”, because they come directly from us. We use the following cookies:

Necessary (functionality) cookies – These cookies are essential for the functioning of the Website and generally do not process any information that can be used for marketing. The Website cannot function without these cookies.

Session cookies – These cookies are used to ease your navigation of the Website. Information about your previous visits and the choices you have made on the Website are included in the cookie file.

Statistical cookies – These cookies are used in order for us to have a view over what and how pages on the Website are used, re-visited, misunderstood and which need to be improved. We also use third party cookies. These are cookies created by third parties which are saved on your devices when you visit the Website. We allow them to do this to provide a vital element of our post-market surveillance process.

4. Information on our Cookies

You can learn more about the cookies used here

5. Your Consent for Cookies

Personal data processing that occurs through the use of cookies is based on your consent as a legal ground for processing. This means that you have a choice to allow or refuse all or some cookies, except for functionality cookies. Moreover, most web browsers allow you to set your settings to block all cookies, or to receive information on when cookies are set on your device.

In order to review and/or remove the cookies already set on your device will vary depending on the web browser you use. Most web browsers publish instructions on how to manage cookies. 

If cookies are set, deleted or blocked, the Website will not function as it was designed to function, and the choices and settings that you have made on the Website may be lost or their functionality may be compromised.

Since cookies are sent to the device you use to visit the Website, you may need to manage cookies on all separate devices you use to visit the Website. 

You can, at any time, withdraw your consent to the use of cookies. You can do this via the Cookies Consent modal.

To read more about how we process personal data and what your rights are, please read our Privacy Policy here

6. Contact us

If you have any questions or comments about our use of cookies, please contact