Data Protection & Security

Data Protection & Security

Our goal is to help organisations protect their sensitive health data and unlock its unlimited potential through data sharing, collaboration or even testing new technologies such as artificial intelligence. 

Data Pseudonymization Process

We make your health data safe

With our pseudonymisation, de-identification and anonymisation approach, we facilitate secure sharing and extraction of health data without sacrificing security, turning privacy and regulatory compliance into a powerful enabler for your education, training, clinical and/or research projects. 

We follow DICOM protocol, but even go a step further: We apply data minimization and generalization techniques on the metadata to minimize any residual risk.

Data protection by design and default

Our end-to-end quality, privacy and security management systems ensure that continuous risk and impact assessments are conducted throughout our development and product life-cycles, ensuring that your data is stored and processed safely, ensuring data integrity, availability and confidentiality.

Pricacy By Design
Protect locally and share globally

Protect local - share global

We provide a secure closed platform with strong access and admission controls that serve as a safe space to share knowledge and data among healthcare professionals. Our system facilitates secure data sharing, tailored to your needs, within your team, community, group, or even a transnational collaborative project.

Our system is designed to meet any local requirements (CM-Connect) and enable global data sharing while ensuring data sovereignty principles. Our international strategy enables safe data transfer and sharing while complying with data residency and storage requirements in any jurisdiction in the world (e.g. Schrems judgment principles, Australian overseas disclosure restrictions, etc.)

Comply Locally & Globally

Our Worldwide Privacy Program is designed for ensuring both global and local governance and compliance, facilitating the sharing and flow of data across borders.

It is based on the EU GDPR as a guiding principle, but also designed to respect localization and storage requirements and ensure compliance with other jurisdictions around the world. 

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You own your data, we simply process (on your behalf)

You will always retain full ownership and control over your data as we act as Processors under GDPR. We solely process the health data that you store following your instructions so that you can achieve your collaboration objectives. 

We never keep your data, and we remain accountable to you and our Data Processing Agreements. Our processing and storage are limited to the provision of our services and execution of your instructions.

World Class IT Security protection

Our Information Security Management System is certified by ISO 27001. It incorporates cutting edge technology to protect your data and control access to our system (2FA, etc.).

Our robust encryption techniques, coupled with comprehensive technical and organisational measures, guarantee the confidentiality, availability and integrity of your data.

ISO 27001
Security Policy

Security Policy

We know your patients, co-workers and business require the highest level of trust. Here at Collective Minds we take an end-to-end approach to data security, privacy, and control. GDPR, privacy regulations, privacy-by-design and security-by-design have been our leading stars while building out our globally available, community driven services in Clinical consultation, Education and Research.

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