Radiologist of the Month – October 2021

Congratulations Deniz Winter! You are our Radiologist of the Month! Take a minute to get to know Deniz and how she uses Collective Minds in her profession!

After having finished my residency for pediatrics at the University hospitals of Heidelberg and Gießen, I have started to work in the Department for Pediatric Radiology in Gießen. I wanted to improve my skills in reading X-rays and ultrasound examinations. The variety of technics, diagnostic, and even interventional possibilities really fascinated me. This is why I have decided to start completely over by doing a second residency – in Radiology.

How did you find out about Collective Minds?

Since learning should be a life-long process, I participate in an MSK Masterclass of Christoph Agten (whom I met at LinkedIn), where we use Collective Minds. On the one hand, Collective Minds is a great tool to show your cases to other people to question or discuss differential diagnosis and on the other hand, it is great for educational purposes, too, since you can share pictures of cases, that are very special, rare or well acquired.

What’s been your best experience?

I appreciate the possibility to show and ask questions about certain structures or special injuries to radiologists all over the world as well as the possibility to answer questions that are openly asked.