Radiologist of the Month July 2022

Join us in congratulating our latest radiologist of the month, Dr. Winston Wong Yau, Mexico City, Mexico. Take a minute to read the interview with Dr. Wong and make sure to follow us on social media to find out who will be the next radiologist of the month!

What is your background?

My name is Winston Wong Yau, I am a radiologist in Mexico City, with a specialization in Abdominal Radiology, and with an interest in General Radiology. I like to teach medical students and doctors in training about Radiology in a simple and clear way.

How did you find out about Collective Minds?

Through the internet, watching radiology videos on youtube, there they recommended your website.

What’s been your best experience?

My best experience was being able to share my interesting cases and knowledge with other colleagues globally through this interesting platform, as well as learning from others’ cases.

What would you like to see added to the service? (new features, our services)

I would like to see more artificial intelligence tools at no cost, since it is the current trend in radiology, and it will not replace us, but it does help us considerably. I would also like you to improve your DICOM viewer to make it more practical, intuitive, and easy to add key images to the cases. Also please continue with your excellent webinars with cases that are provided through this wonderful platform. And finally, introduce a chat service within the platform to have direct contact with the other users.

Do you believe Collective Minds will make a difference for patients?

Of course, since it serves us as having a second opinion for the benefit of our patients in general.

Thank you Dr. Wong Yau for your contribution to the community and congratulations once again, you are our Radiologist of the Month, July 2022! Check out if you like to know more about how you can access our community to share, discuss and collaborate on your radiology cases!