Radiologist of the Month February 2022

Congratulations Esteban Peghini, you are our Radiologist of the Month, February 2022! Take a minute to get to know Esteban in this short interview!

A short background on yourself and your passion for radiology?

I’m Esteban Peghini. I was born in Italy but lived in Ecuador my whole life. I did general medicine here and afterward did radiology in Madrid, Spain. I returned to Ecuador about 6 years ago and have mostly dedicated to MSK radiology. I work for a teleradiology company from Spain called Iberorad and here in Quito, Ecuador I work for General Hospital called Hospital de Los Valles and for a radiology-only clinic called Clinica Harvard (again doing only MSK radiology). I loved MSK radiology since day one for, at least in my country Ecuador not many physicians are specialized on it and so you get to see many cases not only from your hospitals but also from public services that reach you. This allows you to help a lot of patients probably even more than in other countries with a more advanced radiology system chain. And regarding my teleradiology work for Spain i am very passionate about it since i get to see difficult cases with advanced techinques which let me stay at least partly on top of the game as much as I can.

How did you find out about Collective Minds?

I find Collective Minds through the Virtual MSK Fellowship from Christoph Agten which is a great MSK-radiology group he conducts and which uses Collective Minds as the main platform to share cases and learn from each other.

What’s been your best experience?

My best experience with CMRAD has been to get to know MSK radiologists from all over the world, learn from them with every case you post or they post and being in an enriched learning environment where you get to see super cases and have an opinion on them.

What would you like to see added to the service? (new features, our services)

Although I’m loving CMRAD as it is, maybe in the future to see some learning-based platforms to give talks or prepare chat groups directly on it (and not needing third parties like Zoom) would be great.

Do you believe Collective Minds will make a difference for patients?

I do believe CMRAD will make a change for patients since it is doing it for my own already! I get to learn from cases and also share difficult ones which then get feedback from many parts of the world and so my reports have been enriched a lot! Thank you for your contribution to Collective Minds and congratulations once again!