Collective Minds partners with Unilabs Sweden

Press Release – Stockholm, July 12th 2022: Unilabs, the leading diagnostic services provider, has taken yet another step towards quality leadership by partnering in Sweden with Collective Minds. This well-respected radiology audit firm will perform yearly clinical quality audits of Unilabs’ radiology services, ensuring a high-quality continuum and meeting the requirements needed for the accreditation process in the country.

“With close to one million yearly examinations, at Unilabs Sweden, we are very proud of our operations in radiology and mammography. The quality of the images and their interpretation is our priority number one,” says Unilabs Sweden Medical Director Thomas Lindahl.“ In addition to our extensive internal quality work, we are starting a long-term collaboration with Collective Minds, an innovative company with an excellent reputation in education and quality control. On top of fulfilling the accreditation criteria, having external continuous quality validation in place adds further trust in our service to our patients and client doctors. We look forward to working together with Collective Minds for safe and quality-assured medical imaging.”

The scope of this agreement goes beyond measuring quality. External experts review the referrals, the image quality of the radiological examination, and the radiological report. The review takes place on de-identified examinations, and any points for improvements are fed back to the audited practice.

“We are very happy about our collaboration with Unilabs Sweden. Collective Mind’s technology and the combined knowledge from over 8,000 radiologists provide a very good foundation for carrying out quality control of care providers in radiology. We have seen an increased interest and curiosity in measuring quality, and it feels natural that a large company such as Unilabs Sweden is involved in leading this development,” says Collective Minds Radiology CEO and Co-Founder Anders Nordell.

This cooperation is part of the accreditation process in Sweden, which requires providers to perform regular external audits. The first audit will be in the field of mammography. Initially, the cooperation will run for three years, with up to three audits a year.

Media contacts:

Thomas Lindahl, Unilabs Sweden Medical Director


Anders Nordell, Collective Minds Radiology CEO & Co-Founder


About Unilabs

Unilabs is one of Europe’s largest diagnostics companies, offering a complete range of laboratory, pathology, and imaging services to patients all around the world. A leading digital champion covering the full diagnostic spectrum, Unilabs’ +14,200 people save lives every day.

Unilabs invests heavily in technology, equipment, and people – using digital technologies in its state-of-the-art laboratories and imaging institutes to improve the lives of close to 100 million people every year.

About Collective Minds Radiology

Collective Minds Radiology is a HealthTech, healthcare collaboration company founded in Sweden in 2017 by GE Healthcare veterans Johan Norling and Anders Nordell together with radiology professor Lennart Blomqvist, Karolinska Hospital and CTO Pär Kragsterman. Collective Minds offer professional services within clinical consultation, imaging research, radiology education and audit. To date, +8,000 radiologists from across the globe are connected to the Collective Minds community.