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Collective Minds Radiology announces closing of SEK 84m financing, led by Segulah Medical Acceleration and existing shareholders

Collective Minds Radiology, a fast-growing, Swedish health-tech company with a mission to build the world’s largest platform and community for healthcare collaboration, announces the closing of a SEK 84 million funding round. The round was led by Segulah Medical Acceleration (“SMA”), a Scandinavia-based life science-focused investment company, together with existing shareholders, Brightly Ventures, Tradecity, Crista Galli Ventures, and several European business angels. The funding will enable Collective Minds to accelerate the commercial expansion of its professional healthcare collaboration platform for clinical consultation, education, and clinical research, with the aim of increasing the quality of care.

Founded in 2017, Collective Minds set out to transform the health-tech industry with its innovative collaboration platform, currently focusing on medical imaging and radiology. By leveraging scalable cloud technology technology, the platform allows seamless and secure collaboration among healthcare professionals, enabling them to share and analyze data, perform educational sessions, and collaborate on clinical research, in a data privacy-compliant and safe cloud setting.

“Our thesis is that there is almost infinite expertise and data in healthcare. The problem is that it is locked into silos at hospitals and healthcare institutes. In order to advance care, more collaboration is needed. With the support of our investors our goal is to revolutionize healthcare collaboration, ultimately helping patients to the right diagnosis and treatment faster.” - Anders Nordell, CEO and Co-founder, Collective Minds Radiology

Collective Minds’ platform is quickly gaining traction within the healthcare industry. To date, more than 14.000 healthcare professionals and 170 healthcare providers and hospitals are connected to the platform and growing.

”SMA is pleased to be leading Collective Minds’ SEK 84 million financing. Leveraging its access to a global network of expertise, user-friendly interface, and robust security measures, Collective Minds is uniquely positioned to transform healthcare collaboration. We are excited to partner with the Collective Minds team to accelerate the potential of the Collective Minds platform even further.” - Maria Tell, Investment Director, Segulah Medical Acceleration

As part of its growth strategy, Collective Minds Radiology plans to continue creating strategic partnerships with healthcare institutions, corporates, academic centers, and research organizations globally to facilitate the adoption of its collaboration platform into existing healthcare workflows and enabling remote access to expertise and data.

“Completing this funding round marks a new major milestone for Collective Minds. We are excited, proud, and humbled by our investors’ confidence in our innovative approach to advancing healthcare collaboration. We are in a perfect position to elevate Collective Minds to the next level, as we strive towards building a global health tech company that makes a real difference in the industry, and ultimately, for the individual patient.” - Johan Norling, Co-founder and Chairman, Collective Minds Radiology

For media inquiries, please contact: Anders Nordell, CEO & Co-founder, Johan Norling, CFO & Co-founder

ABOUT COLLECTIVE MINDS RADIOLOGY Collective Minds Radiology is a health-tech startup founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 2017. We develop and deliver a cloud-based collaboration platform for healthcare with access to data, and human and digital expertise. Together with our partners and customers, we offer products and services within medical imaging research, clinical consultation, and education

ABOUT SEGULAH MEDICAL ACCELERATION Segulah Medical Acceleration (“SMA”) is a Scandinavian-based investment company focusing on innovative medical technology companies with global potential. SMA’s objective is to be an active partner and help its portfolio companies accelerate growth and internationalization and reach commercial proof of concept. SMA’s geographic investment remit is focused on Scandinavia and other Western European countries. The areas within Medtech that SMA prioritizes include medical devices and consumables, diagnostics, life science tools, and digital technologies.