Service Level Agreement (SLA)

This document describes the general service level agreement which Collective Minds Radiology provides by default to its customers.
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This document describes the general service level agreement which Collective Minds Radiology provides by default to its customers.

Definitions, Conventions, Acronyms, and Abbreviations

  • SLA
    Service Level Agreement

  • Accuracy
    Degree of conformance between a result specification and a standard value.

  • Helpdesk
    Frontline unit of the provider responsible for handling and resolving direct issues from the customer. The helpdesk is available primarily on

  • Language
    Spoken and written languages supported by the support service
  • Available
    Users are able to access and use the service and all its functionality and content, and the service is functioning correctly, accurately and without material degradation of performance

  • KPI
    Key Performance Indicator

  • Provider
    Collective Minds Radiology


The purpose of this SLA is to specify the requirements and targets of the service as defined herein with regards to:

  • Overview of requirements
  • Agreed service targets
  • Criteria for target fulfillment evaluation
  • Roles and responsibilities of the provider and the customer
  • Duration, Scope and Renewal of this SLA contract
  • Supporting processes, limitations, exclusions and deviations


The scope of this SLA includes issues requiring technical and functional support, service availability, requests for information and knowledge articles.

The first point of contact at the provider is the helpdesk, which supports the customer directly and handles the resolution of any issue which may appear. At the time when the helpdesk is contacted the SLA clock starts for each issue.

Behind the helpdesk, within the provider, further teams are available to tackle incidents of different nature. The helpdesk will in turn identify the required support and make sure the issue is resolved.

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Service Agreement

KPIs and Metrics

The following Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and other related metrics supports the SLA. The achievement of these underpins the desired outcome of the service for the customer. All metrics and KPIs are measured on a yearly basis.

Metric Description Measurement and target
Service availability Total unscheduled service outage measured on a yearly basis >99.5% uptime
Service delivery accuracy Percent of all issues resolved within Resolution Target 95%

Severity Levels, Rankings, and Priority

The following list shows the severity levels in priority and the target response time to start handling the issue and resolution time for the same.

Severity Level Description Response target Resolution target
1. High Service down for majority of users Service down for group of users or severely degraded functionality 30 minutes 8 hours
2. Medium Few users’ service degraded 3 hours 5 days
3. Low Request for information
Single user service degraded or degradation may occur if not addressed
48 hours 30 days


Exceptions and Limitations

This SLA is subject to the following exceptions and special conditions:

  • Languages: English
    The only supported language end to end in the support service is English. Other languages such as Swedish may be used depending on the specific service agent.

Responsibilities of the Provider and the Customer

Provider responsibilities:
  • The service provider will act as primary support provider of the services herein identified. If third party vendors are used, the service provider still remains responsible for the correct provision of the service.

  • The service provider will maintain a library of relevant knowledge articles to further improve support services.
Customer responsibilities:
  • The customer should provide all necessary information and assistance related to service performance that allows the service provider to meet the performance standards as outlined in this document.
  • The customer shall confirm resolution to issues where workarounds or fixes have been implemented, as well as participate in testing of such fixes.

Service Management

Service Availability

Service coverage by the provider as outlined in this agreement follows the schedule specified below:

  • Collective Minds Platform itself is available 24/7 365 days per year
  • Helpdesk support and the service clock runs 09:00 to 17:00 Central European Time, Monday to Friday Swedish working days.

Collective Minds Radiology, 2023-02-09

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